Precious Cargo Bradford

May 20

Golden Threads Exhibition Preview

Saturday 19th May 2012 saw the long awaited exhibition of the Golden Threads project. Having spent months planning and preparing for the final exhibition, the ambassadors spent a week prior to the preview assisting museums’ staff with the instillation. From assembling display cases to painting large wooden plinths, the ambassadors contributed immensely to the set up.

As part of Museums at Night, the Precious cargo: Golden Threads exhibition was finally previewed at the Bradford Industrial Museum. It was a vibrant evening with speeches and entertainment. A Key speech was delivered by Bradford Museums & Galleries Manager, Maggie Pedley, followed by a rather emotional reflection by Young Ambassador Fatiha Alesinloye on her involvement on the project!

Poet Andrew McMillan did what he does best at these events, he summed up the Golden Threads project in a very sharp and snazzy creative way. Highly entertaining!

The evening was a huge success as many turned out to view the work on display, and the highlight was definitely the vibrant collection of waistcoats designed by our very own ambassadors, working with drsssmaker Jo Palmer. Not to mention the amazing Golden Threads cake which was designed and decorated as a waistcoat. Fantastic!

A HUGE thanks to Janet Simmonds, Rebecca Lee and Sofia Maskin for all your support and all the blood, sweat and tears from the very beginning!

“It is what I imagined, it was really nice to see all the objects in their cases though and everything in place as I hadn’t seen it since 2 days before the preview. The waistcoats are definitely the centre piece of the exhibition, I didn’t think they would be but the way they are set out is brilliant! They look so good! The other visitors I spoke to were all impressed with the whole exhibition and asked which waistcoat was mine and really liked all of them.”

Rachel Amy Haine, Young Ambassador

May 17

Seb Coe Models His Waistcoat!

Seb Coe (Chair of LOCOG) in his Golden Threads waistcoat! On receiving his waistcoat, designed by our young curators, Seb said “It has been great to see how the Precious Cargo Golden Threads project has developed since I came to Bradford in June 2010. The young curators’ exploration of their area’s rich textile heritage has proved a fascinating way of examining Bradford’s history and it’s place in the world.”

(Photograph taken from Bradford Museums and Galleries facebook profile)

May 16

Precious Cargo: Golden Threads Exhibition

You are invited to come and view the Golden Threads exhibition, opening at the Bradford Industrial Museum this Saturday 19th May at 6pm as part of Museums at Night.


Museums at Night is the annual after-hours celebration of arts, culture and heritage when hundreds of museums, galleries, libraries, archives and heritage sites open their doors for special evening events. It is coordinated by Culture24, and takes place over the weekend of Friday 18th – Sunday 20th May 2012.




May 11

Golden Threads Instillation: DAY ONE

Theclock is ticking…

Exhibition set up…the blank canvas…let the set up begin!

Ferukh hard at work painting.

Plinths ready to be put together and painted.

Assembling a display case.

The mannequin’s all set in place. A quick sweep up before the art comes out.

May 01


Apr 11

quote We were given the opportunity to take a tour around Cartwright Hall with a member of staff. Not only were we given an indepth tour of the aretfacts and paintings around the gallery but we were also taken to the basement of the gallery which isn’t open to the public to take a look at paintings that hadn’t ever been put out on display. We were also told how certain paintinga and objects had to be preserved and kept under certain conditions in order to prevent them from being damaged. Overall it was a great experience as I was given the opportunity to learn more about the work that goes into looking after and maintaining the gallery.

— REFLECTIONS: Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Sehrish Mahmood
Apr 11

quote The behind the scenes visit at Cartwright hall art gallery consisted of a tour of the gallery and stores as well as a brief overview of the conservation officer, Ian’s Job. The visit was very interesting and informative. I did not realise the amount of work that goes into exhibiting objects as well as preserving them, for example the temperature range at which paintings must be stored, as well as the amount of light they can be exposed to. It was also interesting to see the different objects in the store, for example the numerous stuffed animals and paintings. I did not realise that the gallery had so many objects.

— REFLECTIONS: Cartwright Hall Art Gallery, Saba Maskin
Apr 05

quote As we made our way through the stalls we saw the many many collections that included some amazing pieces! Some extravagant yet incredible and others plain but fascinating! Though there were some that were not to my taste which I found I rather disliked but others seemed to be very fond of. Furthermore, it was a great enjoyment to hear the stories behind each individual piece. Making each piece unique. Most of the pieces were indeed modern and some were created or commissioned by amazing artists. There was one piece in particular that caught my eye; it was beautiful but very delicate. To my amazement the quilt was hand stitched by an ex soldier! This was my favourite piece by far. I loved the colours and the story behind it; it made me feel somewhat inspired as did some of the other pieces. This visit has definitely encouraged me to perhaps create a piece of art myself.

— REFLECTIONS: A day at Bradford Stalls, Sophia Hussain
Mar 26

quote Today was so intresting, we went to the Bradford Industrial Museum and got to go behind the scenes and look at pictures and film strips from the Belle Vue studio archive. Nowadays not many people know about Belle Vue studio so learning its history and about how popular it was, was really cool. Overall it was a funfilled and intresting day :D

— REFLECTIONS: Bradford industrial Museum, Fatiha Alesinloye
Mar 23

quote Another amaizng day at the Bowes Museum!! Got too see the work of the amazing artist Naseem Darby. It always amazing seeing her work. The building and the gardens were just beautiful. Once again a great day full of great experiences :D

— REFLECTIONS: The Bowes museum, Aishah Younis